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28th February, 2021

Why They Do Not Teach Law to Your Children


By Jonathan Bluestein


Ever wondered why they do not teach children Law in school? They tell them, of course, of some things which are illegal, or smear them with the half-truths of 'Civics', but Law is not taught as a subject. Else, God forbid, the citizenry would know too much. Here is one reason they do not teach people Law. They would not like folks to know the following:

In most 'Democracies', the Corporate Law dictates that the main goal of a commercial company is to make money. In Israel, that's article 11 of the Corporate Law. Read the law of your land, it tells them: MAKE MONEY. Not prevent poverty. Not be benevolent. Not save the whales. Not fight climate change. Not do good unto the world. MAKE MONEY. By law, it is the primary, and usually sole goal, of a commercial company.

The interest of a pharmaceutical company therefore, in generating well-being and curing people, is roughly equivalent to the interest of a weapons manufacturer to end all wars and crime... In other words, there is no such interest. BY LAW, a commercial company is not allowed to choose a pathway in business which would reduce its profits. Wherein everybody were healthy as a result of taking a drug, a pharmaceutical company would be violating corporate law, by having opted for a business strategy which yields less profit.


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