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Back in the year 2009, shifu Jonathan Bluestein set out to challenge the martial arts literary market. Five years later, in 2014, shifu Bluestein published 'Research of Martial Arts', the first-ever book of its kind. Going beyond genres and styles, Research of Martial Arts was, and in many ways still is, a revolutionary work in understanding the traditional practice of the fighting traditions. Having amassed countless misunderstood topics about the martial arts, shifu Bluestein tackles them one-by-one, addressing questions which earlier could be answered only by having a close relationship with a master. Most of all, are finally explained, in scientific and coherent terms, the mysteries of the Internal Martial Arts of China. 


This book is a must-read for every serious martial arts enthusiast, who wishes to understand the deeper meaning behind traditional practice. Aside from theory and technical information, the book includes wonderful essays by shifu Bluestein, as well as many fascinating interviews with martial arts masters, who share from their wisdom and expertise in light of the text and topics discussed by the author.

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