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'The Martial Arts Teacher' is aimed at providing insights and helpful information to make your teaching practice a success. There are many other 'how to books' for martial arts teachers on the literary market, and the vast majority of them are focused on marketing and economics. Though these topics are addressed in The Martial Arts Teacher, they are not the point of it. This book was instead written, to tackle the deep psychological, cultural and philosophical challenges of teaching martial arts to people of all ages and backgrounds, irrespective of style or lineage. It is a book about being the best performer and professional one could aspire to become, but doing so while striving to respect traditions and working wisely and ethically. Any fool may be taught tricks to help with financial gains, but The Martial Arts Teacher is intended for people who want to dig deeper and learn what is beyond the common. This tome thus contains a rare type of information, which balances between practical advice, Western science, spiritual wisdom and authentic morality. With every paragraph you would read, would be something applicable to one's instruction. With every page you turn, are found a new idea or insight which could enlighten one's perspective on his or her discipline. 

Do you own a martial arts school, or
dream of running a school someday?


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