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6th March, 2021

The Paradox of a Criminal Democracy
This is an excerpt from shifu Jonathan Bluestein's book, 'Exceptional Ideas About Humanity'

In a Democracy, the politicians tell people a lie about a ‘social contract’, which obviously none of the participants have ever signed or agreed to. In fact, even of their forefathers, those who actually were physically a part to any agreement, were but a self-appointed few. Every so-called ‘democracy’ is thus rooted in such a paradox, which is that it requires an aristocracy to establish it via an inherently non-democratic process.

Because most things which begin in sin, also tend to end in sin, so did the flawed democratic mechanism grew to embody an even more scandalous paradox, which enables and even encourages any ‘democratic’ nation-state to become tyrannical.

The focal point of this mechanism is the legal framework of democracies. Theoretically, when the negligent or malevolent bureaucrats of the State commit crimes against the citizenry, the latter could potentially sue the State for damages and compensations. Wherein the court system is still functional, and justice is served, then the citizens, after much effort, may indeed receive what is duly theirs.
But who allots them such things? Certainly not the bureaucrats! Instead, the State defends its petty employees and leaders, and instead provides relief to the citizens from their treasury – their own collective bank account. In truth, the citizens are paid with their own money, and that of they fellow countrymen.

This in-itself is already am outrageous travesty, but a thing which has somehow become an ‘acceptable norm’. The problems worsen though, and enters the realm of a paradox, once the crimes of the State intensify.

For, what ought the citizenry do, in a situation with which the State has committed a crime against large groups of people, or potentially, everyone?

On one hand, since the financing for reparations is to come from the State Treasury, such a thing is impossible – if everyone had been offended against, then how could everyone pay for everyone else? There is no sufficient stream of wealth, or reason, to make such a thing happen. On the other hand, what is the alternative? The so-called ‘democracy’ holds the citizenry hostage, with the lie that “the current bureaucratic structure is still the best option we got”.

This, as you can observe without difficulty, is a great paradox. It lures any ‘democratic’ nation-state to become tyrannical, because it enables the bureaucracy to get away with its crimes. More so – the larger the crime, the less the possibility that the citizenry would be able to defend itself against it.

The crime of a bureaucracy against a single person, is an act the people would consider bullying. The crime of the bureaucracy against an entire country however, is often received with submissive surrender.

There is an alternative, called 'Pentacracy'. A book of mine by the same name, shall be published later in 2021-2022CE.

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