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17th January, 2021

The Yin and Yang of Political Power
By Jonathan Bluestein


Division is always the loss of political power, and uniformity of agenda, a winning strategy. This, all dictators know well, though they can forget.

Hitler took over Germany because he argued for one enemy, one purpose, one nation, one agenda. His empire collapsed after he managed to kill the bulk of his main enemy and make the rest flee (Jews), transformed his agenda into something too global, fought on several fronts and made the opposition numerous yet focused.

There was in fact an inversion in that sense. Hitler began with himself concentrated and his enemies divided, and by his actions the enemies convened and his people were scattered.

Currently around the world, governments and politicians are unified under a single agenda. It is known by several names, such as The Great Reset, UN Agenda 2030, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, etc. The power that such entities have arises from their unity of cause and plan, versus a total disarray amongst the public, which in every state is utterly disorganized as a result of decades of angst, hate and despair sown intentionally by those in control. Still continuously and methodically, they care to persuade people that their neighbour is a heretic, and their family member a traitor.

But the narrative may yet flip within a few months or years, much as has happened with the Nazis. Wherein the dominant powers are to push societies to exceptionally radical extremes, things would change. To reach the extreme, the rulers would have to divide their attention and focus unto multiple fronts. As a reaction to it, the people may mark a singular target, and pursue it with an unyielding zeal.

Such is the natural procession of history, yet none could tell the amount of time it would take, for such transmutations to be completed.

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