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Shifu Jonathan Bluestein, the head of Blue Jade International, is a prolific author, who has published numerous written works. A few dozen of his fascinating articles on the martial arts, can be accessed by clicking on their names below (for shifu Bluestein's books, click here).

Year 2012

Article 1: The Versatile Whip of Pigua Zhang (An article about Pigua Zhang). November 2012.

Article 2: Master Zhou: The Man, The Artist, The Teacher (A biography of master Zhou Jingxuan, telling his story while relating it to the history of the city of Tianjin and its martial arts). December 2012.



Year 2013

Article 3: The Science of Nei Jia Quan (translation of a book). May 2013.

Article 4: The Art Among the Clouds (On Chen Zhonghua, Da Qing Shan and Chen style Taiji). June 2013.

Article 5: The World of Martial Arts That has Long Since Passed (translation of a book). June 2013.

Article 1 (extended edition): The Versatile Whip of Pigua Zhang - Extended Magazine Edition (An article about Pigua Zhang). Published on the Fall 2013 issue of Deep Water Magazine.



Year 2014

Article 6: On Stretching in the Martial Arts – Conventional and Internal. May 2014.

Article 7: Hidden Transmission in the Martial Arts (on the concept of Isshin Denshin). May 2014.

Article 8: The Martial Spirit of Tianjin - An Interview with Nitzan Oren (on traditional martial arts training in China). May 2014.

Article 9: Dan Tian Gong in the Internal Martial Arts (Basic description of Dan Tian methods). July 2014.  Click here for the English version, and here for the Portuguese version.

Article 10: Martial Arts and the Great Learning (Confucianism and the martial arts). August 2014.

Article 11: The Time It Takes To Learn An Art  (Provides a thorough answer to the question: "How much time should it take to learn a traditional martial art?"). August 2014. Also available in French! (Click Here)

Article 12: The Brilliance of the Chinese Longsword (An article concerning the Miao Dao - the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese katana). October 2014.



Year 2015

Article 13: Fighting Ranges in the Martial Arts (Article). January 2015.


Article 14: The Concept of Power in Chinese Martial Arts (Article). February 2015.


Article 15: What Constitutes a Good Martial Arts Teacher? (Article). April 2015.


Article 16: World's Largest Miao Dao - A review (Article). June 2015.


Article 17: The Internal Martial Arts - EXPLAINED! (Article). August 2015.


Article 18: The Lost Art of Buddha's Guardian (Concerning Shaolin Jingang Bashi). September 2015.


Article 19: Xing Yi and Yi Quan - The Real Story (Article). October 2015.


Year 2016

Article 20: To Study Martial Arts By Walking The Middle Path (Article). July 2016.

Article 21: All About Wooden Weapons:  Which Woods, Where to Buy, and How to Care (Article). September 2016.

Year 2017

Article 22: The Secret Flow in Teaching Martial Arts (Article). May 2017.

Article 23: The Internal Path of the Wing Chun Master (Article). August 2017.

Article 24: The Concept of Power in Chinese Martial Arts (Article; renewed). Qi Journal, Vol. 27 Number 4, Winter 2017-18.

Year 2018

Article 25: A Weapon for the Ages (Article). April 2018.

Article 26: A Painter and a Gardener (Article). May 2018.

Article 27: Xing Yi Quan: Fist of the Mind (Article). World of Martial Arts Magazine, September-October, 2018, Issue 1.

Article 28:  Wie Ein Großmeister Kämpft (How a Grand-Master Fights). WingTsun Welt Magazine, number 42. October 2018.

Article 29: What Bruce Lee Did Not Know (Article). December 2018.

Year 2019

Article 30: Q&A With Jonathan Bluestein (Interview). January 2019.

Article 31: The Challenge of Traditional Karate. World of Martial Arts Magazine, Issue 4, March-April, 2019.

Article 32: The Real Meaning Behind Forms (Article). TAO Magazine, Issue 4, March-April, 2019.

Article 33: The Most Genuine Question for a Martial Arts Teacher. June 2019.

Article 34: How a Grand-Master Fights. World of Martial Arts Magazine, Issue 6, July-August, 2019.

Article 35: More Fearsome Than the Tiger. Tao Magazine, Issue 8, July-August 2019.

Article 36: The Synchronous Way (Article). December 2019.

Year 2020

Article 37: The Truth Which Works (Article). World of Martial Arts Magazine, Issue 9, January-February, 2020.

Article 38: The Real Reason Why Fake Martial Arts Exist (Article). February, 2020.

Article 39: Opportunities Skip a Locked Garden (Article). December, 2020.

Year 2021

Article 40: Do Martial Arts Teachers Vow to be Poor? (Article). February, 2021.

Article 41: Women and Their Right of Self-Defense (Article). August, 2021.

                    (Originally published in 2014)

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