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16th January, 2021

The Family Lineage, and What We Leave Behind
By Jonathan Bluestein


In a family lineage, money is lost and made again and again. Factually, very few families in history have retained a measure of substantial wealth for more than 12 consecutive generations, and practically none for over 30 generations. It comes, and it goes. But great and unique works of art, be they physical, written, tasty or audible - such things do not recreate themselves as readily as money. They have an affinity to singular persons, manifesting the spirit of their time through the lens of their particular character and life-experience. They come into the world as special gifts unto mankind, and are later at best preserved, or imitated.

I cannot tell, how much financial success my life is bound to generate. But at least I know, that I would not have lived in vain the opportunity, to bestow upon future generations the gift of the knowledge of my era. For we chase after currency, so that we could have time for the things we love, in order to produce the coveted yet intangible sense of happiness. Perhaps, by providing the inspiration, insight and information which could save time, not as much wealth would be necessary, and happiness could become of a less slippery nature.

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