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7th January, 2021

The Currency of the Future
This is an excerpt from shifu Jonathan Bluestein's book, 'Exceptional Ideas About Humanity'


The blessing which was the Internet, has become a curse upon humanity. The exponential growth of knowledge, has made truth more and more difficult to find and ascertain. That any person whatsoever had gained the ability to express himself freely, and add his collective writings to the immense reservoir, was a great social equalizer. At the same time, it has also served as a gateway for mediocracy and the deceit of the masses.

This invention of international communications and immense gathering of information, has ushered in the age of Post-Truth. As happens to commodities in markets, the abundance of the product which is the written word, has devalued it to the point of negative demand. Meaning, that people not only decreased their want of it, but have in fact begun to make an effort to rid themselves of it, as if this thing called knowledge was a swarm of sticky creatures on a hot summer day. This was the result of the average person’s inability to distinguish truth from falsehood, and his wish to do away with the incessant need to waste energy in his attempts to make such intellectual distinctions. Thus, in an irony which would certainly be appreciated by the generations to follow, the affluence of information and the easy access to it, have come to promote ignorance, and a distaste for true scholarship.

Few indeed have remained, of those who hold unto truths which are unyielding, useful and nearly universal, at least in their own realm. Such individuals are the keepers of treasures which many seek, but few can find. They possess the currency of the future.

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